Dolly Sods


Blackwater Falls



03 Oct 2019






On Thursday, Beth and I drove to Petersburg WV to clean up the family cemetery up on the hill above the old farm. 


It was a beautiful day, and we decided to take a detour on the way home to see the colors up in Dolly Sods and by Blackwater Falls.


Hope you enjoy the photos!







Coming down the mountain from Mt Storm to Scherr.   Nice colors! 






My Grandparents (left) and Great-Grandparents (right) have a beautiful view of the fall colors on the mountain. 

(At our old farm in Petersburg WV)





We stopped to visit with one of mom's best friends, Bonnie.  This is the barn outside of her home near Petersburg.

Leaves were just starting to turn color.  





The old Davis Baptist Church near Maysville on Jordan Run Road. 

Near here is the FR75 road up to Bear Rocks on Dolly Sods.




Beth took this photo of some horses enjoying the nice day along Jordan Run Road.




Soon we were heading up the mountain to Dolly Sods. 

Some brightly-colored trees stood out among the ones that were still green.






Soon the road turns to gravel and gets a little bumpy. 





We missed the peak colors by a few days, but they were still very nice.





I hiked over to the Bear Rocks while Beth explored the wide variety of flowers and bushes.

It's a bumpy walk over large stones, but the scenery makes it worth the effort.





Bear Rocks - Very colorful. 




Plenty of wild berries adding color to the scenery. 





Close-up of berries.




Soon it was time to head down the mountain and see Blackwater Falls. 

I just cleaned the Subaru inside and out yesterday from our 29-day Southwest trip.  Oh well. 

(Check back to our Family Page as I start posting the SW trip photos soon)





As we got lower (around 2500 feet) the colors faded back to green and dull yellow.






The colors were beginning to show at Blackwater Falls.

Unfortunately, the photo does not do it justice since half is in bright sunlight and half in shade. 





Due to a very low amount of rainfall the past month, there was not a lot of water flowing over the falls. 

Some rarely-seen rocks were visible today.






As we headed home, we passed by one of Beth's favorite places - Redhouse Greenhouse.

It's located just over a mile north of Rt 50 and Redhouse, MD on Rt 219. 






She showed great restraint and only bought 3 flowers today.  LOL



An hour later, we were home.  Hope you enjoyed riding along with us today.



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