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Fall Colors


Cooper's Rock, WV

Casselman Bridge, MD

Springs, PA



Oct 14, 2019




Near Springs, PA


On Monday morning, Beth and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go check out the fall colors.

Within about 60 miles to the east, we are fortunate to have several scenic drives/destinations.


Our first stop is Cooper's Rock State Forest, located about 15 miles east of Morgantown.

It is a popular destination for hiking, picnicking, and general sightseeing.


0040004.jpg           0060006.jpg

We were surprised to see very few trees changing color at Cooper's Rock.  Over half of the trees were still green.

Maybe we will check back in a week or so.


We almost gave up and went home, but it was such a nice day, we decided to drive on a loop through Maryland and Pennsylvania.

I'm glad we did!





As we headed east from Cooper's Rock into Garrett County, Maryland, the colors started to brighten up.





We took Old Rt 40 (National Road) from Keyser's Ridge east to Grantsville, home of the Casselman Bridge.





This scenic overlook on Rt 40 is so popular, they put in a turnoff to safely park. 

Looks like we are still a week or two early for the best colors.




Along Old Rt 40, there were spots of bright colors! 




Soon, we were at Casselman Bridge.  On the walk down to the bridge, we passed this nice gazebo. 





Casselman Bridge was part of the Old Rt 40 National Road.   The bridge was in constant use from 1813 - 1933.


Casselman Bridge:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casselman_Bridge 


National Road (Rt 40):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Road 



From Casselman Bridge, we turned north into Pennsylvania on some narrow back-roads through

Mennonite farmland and one section of Forbes State Forest.



We followed River Road north toward Niverton for awhile.

The colors were nice here!




I heard talking under the bridge, and found this family enjoying the nice day fishing.





Following Crab Run Road toward Niverton.





We were now entering Mennonite farm country near Niverton.  We saw several horses and buggies.

We also saw entire families out working in the fields.  Monday is also wash day, so the clothes lines were full. 




One of several buggies we saw today.




Timeless scene along the backroads around Niverton.  This could have been 100 years ago. 




We turned into the Forbes State Forest (Pennsylvania) road that leads to a lookout tower and overlook.

The colors here were very nice.




Soon, we came across this platform overlooking High Point Lake.





Beautiful view from the overlook.  (Note the farm to the left)

Our home (Morgantown) is straight ahead just over the last row of mountains, about 50 miles away.





Since it was lunchtime, we headed back south towards Springs, PA. 

They have a large Fall Festival there every year.  We missed it this year because we were on our Southwest trip.



We decided to stop for lunch at the High Country Creamery Market.

It's a nice place, if a little on the "tourist-y" side.  They do get fresh milk locally and make cheese and more.




High Country Creamery and Market.  Located just north of the intersection of Old Rt 40 and Rt 669.


97 Locker Lane, Grantsville, MD   (240) 979-0620 





Gifts, fresh cheese (including cheese curds), butter, milk, and a restaurant.





We decided to split a Mediterranean Flatbread (not what I was expecting) and fried green tomatoes. 

Both were delicious.




We watched them making fresh cheese curds. 




Watching them make cheese curds made us hungry (again) so we got a variety pack to take home.



Hope you enjoyed riding along with us today.  We will check on the fall colors again in a week or two. 


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