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Michael Elyard




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How true! 

What?!?!    Musicians?


Pianists will be the next evolutionary step.










If you are reading this, thank a teacher.  If you are reading this in English, thank a Veteran!

Miscellaneous websites: 

NEW:   Before and After photos of Sunnyside, the party neighborhood of WVU for decades, now covered in high-rise student apartments. 

Washington Irving High School monthly newsletter, put out by the Class of '59.   Folks from all years participate, so it's a great place to find former classmates you've lost touch with.    Yes, you can have your own website, too!  This is the company that is hosting my website that you are looking at right now.  They offer websites for about $7 per month.  And, if you need help, they have real live people on the phone that are willing to patiently explain how to get set up and fix problems - at no cost! 

What time is it?  Did you know that, long ago, Congress declared the US Navy to be the official timekeeper for the United States?  This link takes you to the US Navy bank of atomic clocks to find the official time.    Every time you click "Refresh" the current time updates.  Set your watch today. 

When you've finished setting your watch with the previous link, visit   to read about the history of the Naval Observatory and it's role as the official timekeeper.  Just click on the links along the left-side column.

A great site organized by two gentlemen who are posting perhaps the largest online collection of old car brochures in the world.  Want to read the owner's manual for a Model-T?  How about almost any car more than 25 years old?  It's there, or it will be.  Car nuts like me are scanning and contributing brochures daily.  Maybe you have one to add??    

Adventure Rider - A motorcycle travel forum with ride reports from around the world.  You can follow riders on exciting trips through Europe, Asia, South American, Africa, Australia, Alaska, .... just about everywhere, including the good ol' USA.  Just go to "Forums/Regional Forums" or "Forums/Ride Reports" and find the area of the world you would like to explore.  A word of warning  - some of the content is occasionally not "G-Rated", but it's a very small percentage.  The good reading and photos far outweigh the occasional bad language.   This CIA site gives all of the information you would ever need or want on just about every country on earth.  It's a great source for finding out the most obscure statisitics you ever imagined, like the annual rainfall in Ecuador, or the #1 crop in Egypt, or the average yearly salary in Switzerland.    This New Zealand company has designed what may be the next generation of internal combustion engines.  A revolutionary design, so simple and yet so elegant.  There is even a video animation that shows the engine cycles. 




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