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Paris – from Notre Dame Cathedral

with Eiffel Tower in background

Akershus slott – Oslo, Norway

Sabanci Mosque in Adana, Turkey

Largest mosque in Turkey

Venice, Italy      Gondola at the San Maria della Salute








We were stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany (about an hour south of Frankfurt) from 2000 - 2003.  During that time, I was fortunate to travel to many different countries both for work and with my family for vacations.  The following links will connect you with reports I wrote of each location, including pictures, a brief history, and hopefully interesting information about the places and the people.  Hope you enjoy the articles.   


     Cars and Motorcycles of Europe  (This is a big file - about 26MB -  It may take a few minutes to fully load all of the photos.)

     Berchtesgaden     (Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest retreat high in the Bavarian Alps – also far underground in the local salt mines)

     Garmische and Zugspitz Summit   (Bavarian Alps on the border with Austria)


     Volkswagen Autostadt Museum     (Lots of European and American automotive history)


     Dachau Concentration Camp    (A very educational and moving experience!)                                   

     Dresden     (Once the cultural center of Germany – rebuilding after being firebombed and nearly destroyed in WWII)

     Rothenburg     (A 13th Century German village with much of its original charm, including the Torture Museum (really!)

     Munich    (Home to BMW, Oktoberfest, and much more!)

     Rhine River Cruise    (Come enjoy a leisurely cruise through wine country)

     Miltenberg    (A nice quiet town with beautiful churches – also the ancestral home of my piano teacher, Dr. James Miltenberger, at WVU)

     Sinsheim Technical Museum   (Lots of cars, airplanes, machinery, and other technology)

     Worms     (Pronounced “Varms  – where the Diet of Worms (assembly of Roman estates) declared Martin Luther an “outlaw” in 1521.)



     Bitche     (Pronounced “Beech” – home of a large citadel/fortress on a hilltop near the border of Germany)

     France 2002      (Family trip to Normandy – site of D-Day in WWII – as well as Paris and Rouen, home of Joan of Arc)

     Paris     (Visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, Notre Dame cathedral, and more)


     Oslo     (USAF Band trip – visited the Maritime Museum, toured Oslo, and rubbed elbows with Russian officers at the Ambassador’s house)


     Northeast Italy     (Aviano Air Base, Podenone, Venice, the Alps, and many small villages – beautiful scenery!)

     Naples/Pompeii   (USAF Band trip – also visited Pompeii, site of Mt Vesuvius eruption that buried the town and villagers)

     Venice    (USAF Band trip – I took the train down from Aviano Air Base to Venice for the day – about $10 round-trip)

     Family Trip 2001    (We toured Italy in a motorcoach bus, stopping in Venice, Pisa, Rome, and more)



     Pilsen and Prague   ( Former Czechoslovakia - Combined photos from 2 trips – one with the USAF Band and one with the family)



     Adana/Incirlik     (USAF Band trip – I went out and explored the area around Incirlik Air Base, in the large city of Adana)

     Ismir    (USAF Band trip – I went out and explored the city of Ismir, with a long and interesting history – it’s Market Day!)



     Sarajevo    (Site of event that started WWI, 1984 Winter Olympics, horrific televised siege from 1992-1996, now a “Top 10 Cities to Visit”)

     Croatia    (Just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, coastline has over 1,000 islands, beautiful countryside!, come see the marketplace)



     Slovakia    (USAF Band trip – Bratislava – Danube River (it’s not blue!) – toured with the Slovakian Military Dance Troupe)



     Southeast Britain and Dover  (USAF Band trip to Molesworth Air Base for WWII reunion; also passed by the Cliffs of Dover)

     London, Dover, English Channel    (Family trip in 2002 – we drove to Calais, France then took the ferry across the English Channel)



     Bodensee/Lichtenstein  -  (Family trip to where the Zeppelin dirigibles were born – also the tiny country of Lichtenstein – great scenery)



     Brussels   (Cultural and artistic center – de facto capital of European Union – home of interesting and tasty foods like snails!)


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