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Welcome to the website of

Michael Elyard

Pianist / Organist



Bachelor and Master of Music

WVU – 1980/1983

US Air Force Bands  1985-2002

USAF Paralegal 2002-2005

Church Organist/Pianist



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USAF Band – Croatia - 2001

Bethel UMC – 2007

Mascoutah, Illinois

Bavaria, Germany - 2000

Sarajevo - 2001

Riding Smoke Hole Road – WV 2010








Welcome to my website.  I am a pianist, organist, and composer/arranger with a lifelong love of traveling and exploring.

After graduating from high school in 1976, I attended West Virginia University and taught piano for two years before enlisting in the US Air Force Band program in 1985.  I also married my sweetheart, Beth, that year at our first assignment in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  We just celebrated our 30th Anniversary in February 2015, and have now been married over half of our lives.  Spencer joined us in 1990, shortly after our move to Alaska.  Returning to Nebraska in 1996, we enjoyed the Midwest until being re-assigned to the US Air Force Band of Europe in Germany from 2000-2003.  Afterward, we returned to Illinois, where I retired from the USAF in 2005. 

I taught piano and served as Music Director/Organist/Pianist at two churches in Illinois until 2008, when we moved back to West Virginia where Spencer graduated from WVU in 2013 (double major – Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering). He is currently employed by the US Navy as an aerospace engineer (civilian).  I have been fortunate to serve as the Organist at Wesley United Methodist Church in Morgantown, WV, since November 2013.  I enjoy leading the congregation in music worship every Sunday in the company of many talented musicians. In December 2013, we moved into our 13th home. After 30 years traveling the world, Beth and I are back in Morgantown WV. 

We bought a nice 60's split level and have been working hard sprucing it up. The past few years have seen us painting inside and out, having the hardwood floors refinished, a new roof, and fixing up a nice garden in the back for Beth. We enjoy watching over a dozen different types of birds out our patio window, as well as the numerous deer, rabbits, and squirrels that inhabit the woods behind our home.  We also enjoy the company of our neighbor's super-friendly cat (who also enjoys watching the birds!)   

   Beth and I both "retired" in April 2018.  We still stay active and I am still serving as Organist/Pianist at Wesley United Methodist Church.  However, Beth finally has time to spend working in her garden and flower beds surrounding the house.  We both have been traveling more - Check out our Family Page link above.  




I rode with fellow motorcyclists to escort the remains of two WWII soldiers and one Korean War soldier as they were identified and returned home.

  Private Emmett Kines, a WWII Marine is brought back home to West Virginia after perishing at the Battle of Tarawa in 1943. 

http://www.ridingwv.com/SgtKiger.htm   I rode with Patriot Guard to escort Sgt Jerome Kiger home to Mannington from Pittsburgh.  He was a WWII tail gunner shot down in Germany in 1944 and just recently found.

Welcome Home, Corporal Alva Clifford Groves -   Korean War soldier who died in captivity; his remains were recently located, identified, and returned by North Korea. 




On the Music Page, you will find information about my music. There is information on the Christmas Cantata - "Is He?" – written in 2010 and first performed at Central United Methodist Church in Fairmont, WV. I have also recently started adding informal recordings of some gospel and jazz/pop favorites made right at home. Hope you enjoy them.

The Family Page includes links to many of our family trips, including driving to Alaska in 2007 (our second time driving there!) and dozens of trips around the US.

The Motorcycle Page is not only for fellow riders, but anyone interested in exploring parts of America you may not otherwise see.  I try to venture off the beaten path and explore new areas.  There is a great America out there just beyond the nearest Interstate off-ramp.  Go explore!!  Break the national fast-food chain habit and try some of the great family diners around the state.

Check out our Travel/Europe Page for lots of photos and history. While I was assigned to the USAF Band of Europe in Ramstein, Germany (2000-2003), our family was fortunate to travel to many locations throughout Europe, including places that had been behind the "Iron Curtain" just a few years before.  Come explore Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia, and more.

The Hiking/WV Page -  Check back as more are added.

The Miscellaneous Page is for everything else – links to favorite sites, etc.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.    Mike  


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